On eating while red, blue, black, gay or Trumpish


With someone you disagreed with politically should political affiliation be a protected class i mean what if sarah huckabee sanders was denied housing what if someone's denied her a job for whatever reason she's a white woman from the south they didn't like her for that reason now back to maxine waters she's encouraging she's urging activists to harass trump eight okay donald trump has responded with a tweet call basically calling her low iq calling her dumb we'll get to the exact tweet in a little while i read the exact tweet now i'd like to know do you support the way he responded so there's a lot on the table here on the tom shillue show today my name is lou paid by the way just so you know and we want to hear from you eight three three eight five two four eight six six should these people be shut down i don't think so i'm all i'm all for free speech i predict that the red hand we'll be out of business before the end of the year i think they'll get some support it's a very liberal town there but i do believe that they will be out of business because decent people do not want they would not want themselves to be treated this way even elijah cummings says district said it was bad i mean it's it's not about politics it's about human decency and i want to basically get say something i've said before but get it out there bears worth repeating is this why why is this happening why the outrage over the immigration policy one well nobody knew it was in effect or they ignored it under obama and second is liberals dnc they have no message they have no message for two thousand eighteen it's as simple as that there's there's no other thing you if you ask ask someone was the democrat that someone who is a liberal a crazy liberal just ask what is the democrats message for two thousand eighteen ask them that you wanna shut them down ask them that what are they delivering what what is it what are they promising we hear russia collusion we hear obstruction we hear what tariff tariff war with no one's gonna care about the tariff war trust me on that okay maybe tomorrow but i don't think that's really going to move the needle.

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