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Zero now all five living first ladies i have spoken out including melania trump and laura bush and of course hillary clinton and of course rosalynn carter and who would be the fifth firstly i'm forgetting someone but in any event all five first lady's speak out against family separation immigration policy all five living first ladies have weighed in on the trump have weighed in on the trump administration's immigration policy this week an unusual move even as melania trump had her spokeswoman issued a statement on it this is this is a politically such a difficult issue because one of the things that i think people do need to keep in mind is i know president trump likes to talk about his great victory was a very close election he won forty six percent of the vote hillary clinton won forty eight percent of vote and he clearly needs to persuade a bunch of people who didn't vote for him that he's doing a good job and on this issue of immigration if you look at the polling he gets worse ratings on immigration than anything he gets good ratings on the economy he deserves it he gets good ratings generally on taxes on foreign policy gets lousy ratings on immigration by almost two to one americans don't like the job that he's doing and it's because of stupidity like this that isn't necessary end yes of course as everyone has said the president picked up the phone and told the general attorney general sessions look we we need to stop the separation with children we need to find another way and the fact is that even if you detain them together with their children the claim that they can't do this because that wouldn't be following the law who's going to sue what's going to happen and especially if you move quickly working with congress to change the law and immigration reform is so long overdue sean in new york city sean you're on the michael medved show michael i don't know where to start here's the thing right that conferred upon illegal aliens the same right or benefits should be conferred upon legal american residents and citizens what am i getting at here one in american is incarcerated their child is taken away from them where's the outrage there's no outrage right discourage people from trying to drag their children long distances across mexico to come here to this country.

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