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Studios ready for a show with a unique look at politics culture religion and more it's tom shillue welcome back to the tom shillue show lou pate in four tom and we invite you to be part of team shillue at eight three three eight five two four eight six six team is here matt josh julia and hopefully you the listeners out there as well we're gonna continue with our discussion on the ill treatment of sarah huckabee sanders pam bondi secretary nielsen and will continue to take your calls on that as well we'll also going to introduce donald trump says immigrants should be deported without due process now legal scholars say it's unconstitutional but is that a policy that you as a supporter of trump can get behind and isn't something that president trump should fight for it time the president and the republicans call for drastic changes in our laws and constitution to deal with this never ending problem of immigration and i just want to digress back as well is the nation truly outraged i mean is this outrage media driven do you really feel that main street americans such as us really feel this way quite frankly on the whole immigration thing the separating of families it's sad it's sad to see the kids pulled away the numbers though are relatively low at one is too many people will say but the numbers are relatively low the media again showing their lack of knowledge or they're double standard on the issue ignored this pretty much over there at fake news cnn and msnbc when when obama was president it went on some people call them to task mostly conservatives and over at the mothership at the fox news channel but they did not call them to task on this level and by the way folks once you bring in the nazi analogy the conversations over the debate is over so we'll.

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