Two U.S. military bases in Texas to house immigrants: Mattis


I'm jerry barmash whip the stories you'll be talking about on seventy seven wabc remembering a broadcasting giant for cattle due at the end of the wreckage time utah dan ingram the popular afternoon air personality on wabc for more than two decades has died recognized as a trailblazing top forty dj former colleague mike mccann says is i'm a shortlist of all time greats standards preferably in that conversation 'cause he did things is all way distinctive entertaining was spontaneous and ingram was eightythree defense secretary james mattis says the pentagon is in close alignment homeland security to set up military bases to house undocumented immigrants along the us is southern border cnn's abby philip has more we don't know exactly where they're going to be but we do know that in recent weeks health and human services officials have been toying basis in texas and arkansas and those sites could potentially house what madison's calling camps stormy daniels had been scheduled to meet with federal prosecutors in new york today as part of their investigation into president trump's longtime personal attorney her lawyer says the meeting was abruptly cancelled late yesterday after it was reported by news organizations here's christy o'brien with right now in brooklyn on the beach resort bound approaching hamilton avenue disabled tractor trailer blocks the right lane delays back on the bridge on the belt parkway roadwork eastbound after flatbush avenue has a lane closed in flushing the whitestone expressway southbound van wyk we've got an accident blocking two lanes utopia parkway remains closed in both directions between sixteenth avenue and sixteenth road for an ongoing accident investigation and in roslyn heights delays on the lie eastbound approaching.

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