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Martin Bregman, ‘Scarface’ Producer, Dies at 92


No problem figuring out what movie tops the weekend box office disney and pixar is incredible to had the best debut of any animated movie ever with one hundred eighty million dollars beat out another pixar sequel finding dory which opened with one hundred thirty five million back in two thousand sixteen that's not the whole story incredible to just became the eighth biggest domestic opening of all time coming in second oceans eight with just twenty million dollars followed by tag solo star wars story and deadpool two the producer behind scarface has died lawyer the best lawyer in miami his such a good lawyer by tomorrow morning to going to be working in alaska so dress warm alpa chino wants describe martin bregman as my guy and credited with discovering the actor in an off broadway play bregman also produced dog day afternoon in the bone collector bregman was going to produce david eyres upcoming adaptation of scarface died last night in an apparent cerebral hemorrhage wins news time five thirty nine you've reached the high fashion hotline hi my husband's.

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