Rob Reiner Shreds Robert De Niro for His ‘F– Trump’ Outburst: ‘You’re Helping Trump’


Mike gallagher busy busy day wasn't supposed to work today but i thought i cannot work when the north korean summits underway we got the aftermath of the g seven summit we got all this great stuff to talk about we're streaming today mike online dot com on morning joe joe scarborough and mika and all those the typical sort of antitrump diatribe was was sort of put on the backburner as they were reacting to deniro's obscene outburst echoing what a lot of people were saying these these guys not realize they're hurting the opposition to trump they're hurting that movement listen to what they said the people that applauded deniro's statement last night don't understand they are helping donald trump's reelection every time they do something like that they don't understand if your if your goal as apparently robert de niro's goal is to take down the president it's the wrong way to do it you're playing right into his hands at montgomery alleged gooder reelect him and twenty twenty is a ways off you know it's not a long time off the midterms the midterms and that's coming in november that's coming just around the corner.

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