Millennials are the worst tippers, according to a new survey [Video]


State department is working hard to encourage internet national investment in the us he also said he was confident the administration would get deals done on nafta change in the twenty four years that's nafta was i put in place and our goal is to cheat an outcome that re balances that situation going to level the playing field for the american automotive industry and other sectors incentivizing manufacturing here and not there said he spoke with his canadian counterpart on saturday morning he also said he cannot make diplomacy means the use of american economic power and influence as a tool of foreign policy to benefit americans meantime president trump is announced a new branch of the armed forces a space force more we will launch intrepid souls blazing through the sky soaring into the heavens once more we will summon the american spirit to tame the next great american frontier aims to reduce satellite clutter in space policy goals for providing a safe and secure environment in orbit as satellite traffic increases mr trump also says the united states space program had been bogged down by politics and rising costs well are millennials bad tippers one new survey out suggests they're the worst wwe j newsradio nine fifty

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