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That would probably be two because i'm taking this back to go on the road and beat auburn they done it before i know they've done it before i know they've done it before but will they do can they do it this year i know it's the sec but look at the talent disparity yeah but anything can happen i mean i think i'm hoping this quarterback transfer in is going to be help them open your offense up i mean you know we generally have a pretty deep and we just need to get the you know we the quarterback and we need to run you off and you know when we if we ever get one we'll be good shape but it's just yeah we're kind of stuck in what we got and i'm hoping this guy is transferred is going to help us out miles i've been on the air different varieties over here for ten years and every year raskin the same question who's going to be lsu's quarterback it will be joe borough but it's been the same narrative which is if they just get a quarterback if they just get a quarterback i mean if i had a dollar for every time i heard that be rich they need to get they need to go out and really recruit a what file fivestar whatever and get a offensive coordinator coach whatever that can room him up that's what we need you know we just don't i look i know some of coach fans will say well the quarterback development was i less miles problem it's not fair to put it on coach until his guy hits the field well look he he he recruited miles brennan louisville narcissus he is supposed to be one of the best recruiters in the nation my point though is that hey you've had you've had you've had two quarterbacks that you've recruited but yet you have to take a transfer in to be the starter so how good recruiter are you.

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