The next Yao Ming? FIBA is betting big on Kai Sotto


The conversation starting with the iran deal was going on around nuclear deal is united states has pulled out of it and we have a funny position in that treaty because most us sanctions on iran have continued sanctions that we held in abeyance by participating in this deal or not really on iran they were sanctions on europe sanctions on japan sanctions on china why would it be be sanctioning them because of iran well we passed this law in two thousand twelve saying iran is just so evil that if we detect a french bank is cashing checks for an oil company that's buying oil from iran we will put a sanction on that french bank do we have the power to pull them over like a cop and write them a ticket demand money no we tell that bank you have a choice you can either completely stopped doing business with iran or you can stop doing business with the united states your call well that's pretty easy so if you're just about any choice and so the reason why the rest of the world is so angry at us about this is they're saying well this is no sacrifice to you united states you're not buying rams oil you're not dependent on that you don't have all these contracts in place and all these cars to drive around the need to have some of the gas tank who are you to tell our banks that they can't buy the oil that we will refine the putting our gas tanks or you'll punish us well that's the thing so are we even able to enforce the sanctions assures we just have to be willing to like that demon dirty harry you.

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