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Twenty four the four day wbz accuweather forecast with meteorologist brian thompson does he have through the afternoon hours of clouds and some sunshine there will be a shower around or perhaps even a thunderstorm high right around eighty but it will start to turn cooler and less humid towards sunset and that trend will continue into tonight will cool off to about fifty four as it turns out mainly clear and tomorrow much cooler day we'll have much lower humidity to a bit of a breeze and a lot of sunshine but the sun's not going to help too much a high near sixty along the coast into the upper sixties onset of one twenty eight overall not too bad of a day especially if you're away from the water some certainly gonna feel pretty nice outside the afternoon in the sun monday though cloudy brisk and very chilly for this time of year with periods of rain a high only fifty four and mostly cloudy had still cool on tuesday with a couple of showers and a high around sixty i'm accuweather meteorologist brian thompson wbz

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