Small plane with 4 on board crashes off New York's Long Island, FAA says


The search later in the morning celebrity homebuilder ben kobetski his wife bonnie and the twenty two year old grandson willie merav were on board along with the pilot john dillard this dispatcher tells us what is known about the crash one of the four h area the faa the national transportation safety board are trying to determine the cause of the crash we get further details now from correspondent juliet walker authorities say a small plane with four people on board crashed off the coast of long island near indian wells beach inam against it the faa says the piper pa thirty one aircraft went down shortly after three pm saturday afternoon investigators have set up a command post at the beach the hamptons draws a large summer crowd with numerous private planes flying into east hampton airport wins news time five thirty one and from the ram trucks traffic center now here's brian britain mitch good morning we begin at the bridges and tunnels on watching a stunning sunrise here at the lincoln tunnel right now through the jam cam it's also stunning for another reason there's no traffic it looks great interactive ten at the lincoln gw bridge also very quiet even though the lower level is shut down in both directions it is closed both ways until eleven am later this morning for a run a charity run it's called the american cancer society's george washington bridge challenge over the holland tunnel things looking pretty good right now forget to low the holland yesterday we had that full closure at the plaski skyway they actually wrapped up that road work a little bit early that was supposed to be all weekend but there is still construction on the newark bay extension this weekend on eastbound side by fourteen be only one lane squeezes by over the east river it's weekend construction queens route ten tunnel all they want to take a two way traffic take it up into rockland county now northbound new york state thruway we have a crash just past exit thirteen knocking out one lane it's a very minor should be out of the way very shortly your next traffic and transit update in less than ten minutes the next breaking traffic alert when it happens i'm brian britain on ten ten wins wins news time five thirty two and now the official.

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