Columbus Ohio and Tennessee discussed on Science Fantastic Live with Dr. Michio Kaku


Is from columbus ohio and my question is about black holes were constantly so that black roles have this mass that's so grace not even light tennessee state within your own that there are jess that can shoot out some some these black holes occasionally and obviously they contradict one another so how is that possible is it that well i'll let you answer explanation thanks okay very good question a lot of people have noticed the fact that whenever we have computer animation of a black hole these show this gigantic swirling disk of gas with a north pole and south pole of jets shooting out like a spinning top however is also said that nothing can escape the gravitational grip of a black hole so why do we have jets you ask a very simple question with very simple answer and that is surrounding a black hole there is a small sphere a sphere call the event horizon if you fall through this fear then you die is

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