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So here we have an idea coming from coming from science fiction coming from hd wells which is being revived to explain the existence of dark matter now however let's be fair what is the dominant theory of dark matter the dominant theory of dark matter is that it consists of a new kind of subatomic particle subatomic particle that's invisible but has gravity now so far these are very rare particles like that but string theory does predict a particle which should have those properties called the fourteen o the super symmetric partner of light the voting no is invisible it has no interaction with the electromagnetic field and it has gravity so bingo we now have a candidate for dark matter now that doesn't mean that string theory correct that doesn't mean that dark matter consists of super symmetric vibrations of a superstring however it does mean that one of the leading candidates for dark matter is the dark matter is nothing but a higher octave hierarchy of vibrating strain so we live in the lowest octave everything around us is music music of vibrating particles and strings but they are higher octaves and dark matter could be a higher octave okay well let's move on take the.

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