White Sox pitcher Danny Farquhar remains hospitalized after suffering hemorrhage


The suspect behind monday's rental van attack as twenty five year old alec minassian accused of using the van plow down pedestrians on the sidewalk for sixteen blocks before being stopped by police ten people were killed sixteen injured abc news chief national correspondent tom yomas in toronto with more swarms of course responders racing to the scene funding multiple victims already being triage by good samaritans there was four bodies on the ground police and ambulance hadn't arrived yet but people were trying to revive them a grim scene victims lying all over the street bodies covered with orange tarps shoes left abandoned in the middle of the street the injured loaded onto stretchers and race to nearby hospitals police still searching for a motive behind the mayhem tell the people in one nashville suburb will sleep easier suspected quadruple murderers behind bars this is jim ryan the police had been urging the public to report any suspicious person activity or unlocked door at officers had been running from place to place on false alarms finally a tip led to the woods not far from the scene of the murders and two twenty nine year old travis ranking as soon as the it was really no communication other dan down on him and he got on the ground nashville metro police lieutenant carlos lara says that's as far as rankings cooperation has gone when police ask about yesterday's four murders at the waffle house ranking is demanding to have a lawyer in the room jim ryan abc news nashville long road to recovery for former mariners pitcher danny farquhar who is out of surgery but in critical condition after suffering a brain hemorrhage during a game friday night komo's ryan yamamoto has the update and takes a look at the dangers of brain aneurysms and the science to watch out for danny for acquired now pitching for the chicago white sox and that frightening moment coming into six inning after throwing fifteen pitches on the mound something did happen with danny farquhar i don't know anything more than that but they did take him away that's when far core collapsed in the dugout players and paramedics coming to his aid and rushing him to the hospital for choir the.

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