Woman missing 10 days found dead in stairwell of Zuckerberg S.F. General Hospital


Thousand thirteen the issue has largely broken along party lines until a wave election for democrats last november now nearly two dozen republicans have crossed the aisle to vote to expand democratic governor ralph northern says it is the moral thing to do i really don't want any individual or any family being a position where they're one medical illness away from financial demise northern as confident that he can secure a federal waiver in time for newly eligible virginians to apply for coverage by twenty nineteen the plan requires that virginians must be working or actively seeking work in order to qualify for npr news i'm craig carper in richmond commerce secretary wilbur ross is announcing this hour whether the european union will be exempt from stiff new us tariffs on aluminum and steel exports german chancellor angela merkel said earlier today the e you will respond decisively if it's not exempted this is npr from k q e d news good morning i'm brian watt several city agencies are investigating the discovery of the body of an elderly woman in the stairwell of a building on the sucker berg san francisco general hospital campus yesterday public health spokeswoman rachel cagan says seventy five year old ruby anderson was found in an engineering and maintenance building at around one in the afternoon we're very concerned that this happened we don't know how this woman gained access to the area where she was found and we are absolutely looking into that in thousand thirteen lynne spalding patient was found dead in a stairwell more than two weeks after being reported missing from that hospital at led to security refer reforms at the facility a three million dollar settlement with spaulding family federal investigators say a fire that call caused fifty five million dollars in damage to a concord apartment complex was under construction last month was intentionally set a reward is being offered in the case cake angela corral reports to people were hurt as a result of the three alarm fire which forced the evacuation of two hundred and fifty nearby residents the bureau of alcohol tobacco firearms and explosives the federal agency helping you investigate the fire says evidence shows it was arson in the investigations ongoing in addition to the twenty five thousand dollar reward atf released surveillance video showing a man who they say is the suspect hopping offensive the construction site and then running away after the fire erupts the.

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