US Marshals nab sex offender suspected of abducting teenage girl


Man charged in the case of missing teenager christopher fitzpatrick tried to kill himself last night and the pierce county jail goes tammy matassa says this only intensifies the effort defied fifteen year old lily christoffersen from bonney lake got his towel immediately tore it tight around newsouth and tried to hang up a door inside of our jail just hours after christopher fitz patrick was charged with trafficking and kidnapping in lily kristoffersen's disappearance pierce county deputies say that thirty nine year old was found hanging from a towel in the jail shower deputy save it's patrick has issues with depression we don't want people think the worst because he did this action wasn't a very good italian also could have trying to escape are looking for tension there could be many other things at play here so we don't want to jump to conclusions documents say patrick in a woman named maria counts approach lily after she ran away from home investigators say he was seen with the fifteen year old all over pierce county the one us marshals arrested in this weekend lilley was still nowhere to be found police found a man hiding the snoqualmie river after he ran from a traffic stop and duval the man initially plunged into the heavy brush along the riverbank officers called for backup after hearing a gunshot about forty minutes into the search and after school program also went on lockdown police eventually found the man but no gun investigators say the man has spended license iran to avoid a ticket police officers in seattle are upset after interim police chief carmen best was not named among.

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