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Office probably could have given much better guidance. It's really telling, for instance, on may ninth released a myth BUSTER, which was advice to all of the companies that been sending all these emails going. You don't need to send out all of these emails. Please stop sending out all of these emails you're panicking. This is what the law tells you you have to do, but they may the ninth right? And they only issue explicit vice after enough had gone out. The people complained, say, why don't people have to send the emails than if you have consent under pre GDP our laws to Email someone dot consent probably applies in postitive here laws. If you don't have consent to Email someone pretty to laws, you shouldn't Email them now, like it's really. It's kind of commonsensical when you think about it, say a kind of sounds like you're saying companies just not ready for this at all without tree. Yeah, I think this is. It's also it applies to everyone and no, everyone has access to legal advice or lawyer, and so you really having to piece together from from public voice and from copying the loudest most obvious GDP complaints that you're saying house, which is surprise surprise, massive amounts of optimal into this thing. It's a mean like the people quietly complying in private, no one sees the people who are doing the noisiest most active compliance efforts are the ones who ever season copies. And so you get this effect where the worst practitioners set the bar. Okay. And what industry seemed to be the most affected by GDP are paps maybe even what they perceive as negative way. So there's, there's a few like the most obvious one our ad attack targeting and to certain extent, although they are specifically applied in the regulations. Sort of monitoring and credit rating agencies. These companies which build up profiles about people who don't really want to have performed built up around them. I Tak not targeting is about profiling you to sell you things by people who have no direct relationship with you. These activities are going to get harder to do in the world that GPO house pillow. Do you think that the feature in ten or twenty years is going to vastly different than it would have done if we didn't have EDP? The big risk is this becomes like the cookie directive, right? Which came into force a few years ago and ended up being one, massive box, ticking exercise, put up a notification and carry on with your life as you always had done. In this case, even that isn't quite going to be enough. One of the big things that will see in practice with this is just literal book sticking in other words, where previously filling in your Email address, you'd have to unchecked the boxing, I consider marketing communications. Now you have to check the box that will change law. We don't yet. Knows of how consumer behavior will evolve on this, but there is every chance the companies will see the rates of customers that they can directly contact going from. I think it's about eighty percent down to sort of, you know, fifteen, twenty percent of people actually opting in for marketing communications. The interesting thing is the systematic effective that will likely be to aid large market dominating companies like Google and Facebook. Because if you're a small company who suddenly finds that you Email twenty percent of your customers rather than eighty and you want to market to them, you have to market to them in other ways. One of those other ways will be handing over money to Facebook, Google, to buy ads to contact your customers. See, you said the GDP regulation in e. u. law, right? But despite Brexit's by the fact that we applying to leave the EU the UK is still going to in forces. I right. Yes. So we are currently in the year, so from may twenty. Fifth, we have no choice Brexit hasn't happened yet, although it's been going on forever. So, yeah, for at least the next year we have straightforward choice. GDP applies in the UK after Brexit. We would theoretically have the option of of it, you know, for much twenty nineteen GDP will no longer directly apply in the UK. But the data protection Bill which is going through parliament now and will probably come into effect before March twenty nineteen. Although it might not. Then it would be hilarious that will make GDP are in effect UK law. But even if we didn't GDP would still have huge ramifications in the UK because one of the biggest elements of it is it's extra territoriality which means that GDP doesn't just cover European companies providing services to European citizens. It covers European companies providing services to anyone in the world, and it covers anyone in the world providing services to European citizens, semi people outside of Europe during as well, then let people in the state. Absolutely, yes. So if you actually sit down and build your system to exclude. Lewd European citizens and you are based outside of Europe. You don't have to apply GPO. Most places have decided not really worth it. We've seen two big groups of people have gone. Otherwise, one is companies which frankly, operate based on really shoddy consent mechanisms to do data processing without customers really knowing it. The other big group is companies that have just gone. Copy and one of them is online games. A surprising number of online games have gone. Actually, you know what we make such little money from eases running e you servers is a massive cost center. Are you citizens are already completely separate from typically are Asian citizens? Who are the largest player. These games are North American use the second largest group. Let's just turn off these. It's just not worth the hassle. So they've done as well. But if you wanna work with the users, which you probably do if you're online because you wanna work with the whole world because that's the advantage of the internet. Yeah, you you have to do, and that's what Facebook's done. That's what apple done. That's what Google's done.

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