Australia threatens ANZ, Deutsche and Citi with criminal charges over share issue


Head of the senate finance committee orrin hatch called it a tax hike on americans that would hurt consumers manufacturers and workers alike the eu mexico and canada have all how to respond in kind targeting us goods an interim prime minister of pakistan has been sworn in during a ceremony in the capital islam about the caretake excuse me the caretaker prime minister naseer milk is retired judge and former chief justice he'll preside over an interim period before national elections which must be held in the next sixty days seconda kimani reports from islamabad five years ago after the previous have actions pakistan swords first democratic transition of power between two political parties today the government was replaced by caretaker setup after successfully completing its term in office in marks ten years of continuous democratic rule seen as an achievement in a country that has been ruled by the military for nearly half of its existence journal elections will take place on the twenty fifth of july and are expected to be tightly contested competition authorities in australia say that criminal cartel charges are being prepared against one of the country's biggest banks and to of it's advisors citigroup in deutsche bank all three banks have denied wrongdoing phil mercer reports under australia's competition laws individuals found guilty of criminal cartel offenses could spend up to ten years in prison and institutions find millions of dollars the allegations involve anz the nation's third largest bank and a senior executive as well as deutsche bank and citi group an american investment company they all intend to fight any charges brought by australia's public prosecutors the case relates to the sale of almost two billion dollars worth of shares to large institutional investors in two thousand fifteen th abc news russian media has said the north korean leader kim jong un complained of us heckman ism to the visiting russian foreign minister sagala rav telling him he wanted to boost cooperation with moscow he told mister level he hoped denuclearization could happen in a phased manner the bbc's howard griffith is at the korean border walks north korea to russia is very different to what.

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