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Zeus my resignation mr president i'm running for the senate from new york johnson city is the shoe manufacturing capital of new york state and you should all vote for me after all i have eight children and they need a lot of shoes wow look at these crowds you're getting they're not for me him boy love you don't you understand better for him bob us enough you gotta stop your read you are alive they love you your brothers did monday ms murli abbas i'm from mississippi so kate boat for robert kennedy but i sure can urge you in new york to vote for this man who's done more for the negroes throughout this country than any other single individual i've been in the senate for three weeks old and what's the big deal teddy i waited sixteen months before i made my first senate speech bobby some weight for years i get bored quickly what you shouldn't have walked down javits in wayne moore's all day were splitting hairs over adverb didn't win you any friends to say why don't you just flip a coin i want to get things done not make friends senator governor rockefeller's online one speaking of not

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