North Korea, San Francisco and Mike Pompeo discussed on Bloomberg Daybreak: Asia


Later rival waymo announced it's expanding its partnership with fiat chrysler do at your bank says the economist vehicle industry could climb to more than sixty billion dollars when it goes global and it says gm shares could more than double as a result l also say gm may eventually separate the cruise unit from the rest of the company denise pellegrini bloomberg daybreak asia and it's msci day today the major operator of global indexes is adding more than two hundred chinese ashares to it's widely followed followed is starting today bloomberg's tom mackenzie says that will make a number of companies real stocks to watch you're going to see some big cap companies like quite multi media group like ping an insurance included now and essentially anyone who is tracking the msci em index is going to be forced to earn a percentage of small percentage of the acs we're looking about five percent market capitalization so making about wasting of about zero point four percent on the whole index relatively small but it's really a signal for the direction of property in terms of china's market and that's bloomberg's tom mackenzie reporting and for people like david and grace and juliette who cover the markets for bloomberg television is going to be like a couple of cats with what does that count along okay forgotten what what what's that same again it's it's like a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs you're gonna be busy we wouldn't have it any other way will us secretary of state mike pompeo says the presummit talk today with north korea's kim yang chow made real progress and baxter is covering all the global news now bloomberg nine sixty san francisco newsroom ed i thought he started to call you guys a couple of cats and say we're where's where's that going on now i know you weren't mr pompeo saying he thinks they're looking for a path forward but he says there's a long way to go the issue is the nuclearization if we're able to achieve and if north koreans are prepared in fact to denuclearize this includes all elements of.

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