Mr Kim, European Union and Trump discussed on The Troubleshooter


Singapore the meeting comes after two days of negotiations between mr kim and secretary of state mike pompeo who reported good progress has been made in talks revived the on again off again nuclear summit rich rachel the european union reacting to new tariffs on imported steel and aluminum you trade commissioner cecilia malmstrom says the terrorists must be opposed by the world trade organization and is calling on e u nations to tax us exports can do so we have the right to do so i think we we we must do so as well to show that we cannot just take these tariffs and standard silent and we do not accept these kind of of of of post illegal tariffs president trump implemented the tariffs against the european union canada and mexico president trump is short time ago touting numbers from today's jobs report with three point eight percent unemployment just announced and another all time record low african american unemployment hispanic unemployment at an all time low oh in history the president was speaking at a coastguard change of command ceremony in washington a two day manhunt in tennessee for a suspect in the shooting death of a deputy is over stephen wiggins has taken into custody this morning dickson county sheriff's sergeant daniel baker was shot and killed wednesday while investigating report of a suspicious car officials say wiggins was found lying on the side of the road not far from where that shooting occurred fox news.

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