Boeing workers vote for 'micro-union' at South Carolina plant


The people who jumped are being treated now no word on what started the fire a third person has been arrested now in connection with the disappearance of bonney lake teenager lily christoffersen police tell us he may face felony charges we caught up with volunteers yesterday who were searching in the two nine oh area for lily there's been some information that's been released that there have been some belongings that were found inside i know that may that may belong to lilly and so there's a connection here there's a five thousand dollar reward for any information that leads to the discovery of lily christoffersen boeing says it will fight back after workers in its south carolina plant voted to unionize more from komo's corwin hake one hundred seventy six flight line mechanics who work at boeing seventy seven assembly plant in north charleston south carolina have agreed to join the international association of machinists this is the same union that represents some forty thousand bluecollar workers in the puget sound area these are the first of boeing's workforce in south carolina to unionize after the company strongly fought against previous efforts boeing says it will challenge the legality of the vote about three thousand other blue collar workers at the north charleston plant continue to work without union representation and boeing would like to keep it that way south carolina is a so called right to work state and union leaders here saw boeing's decision to open a plant there as an effort to increase the company's leverage over the washington workforce corwin hake komo news boeing the company has to move of beef fifty two from paine field to the museum of flight at boeing field this weekend the plane can't fly so crews have taken it apart and it will be moved piece by piece down the freeway they plan to do that sometime between midnight and four am this weekend coming up on the komo morning news he grew up on i'm brian calvert with the native now skating toward lord stanley's cup seven thirty four right now type or another aaa traffic update with john nelson now we have eight at the scene of this collision south of joint base lewis mcchord northbound i five at dupont steilacoom road that's got traffic backed up all the way through the nisqually area so pencil and some extra time to get to where you need to go watch out for a stalled semi northbound ninety nine western avenue that's blocking.

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