Aleksandr Kogan: The link between Cambridge Analytica and Facebook


And seven fifty a m kfqd spark and had ceo mark zuckerberg are in a whaler trouble and not just because the company has lost tens of billions of dollars in market value in recent weeks we now know that during years of essentially policing itself facebook allowed russian trolls to by us election ads advertisers to discriminate by race hate groups to spread fake news and because facebook's shirked privacy concerns a company called cambridge analytica was able to syrup tissue gain access to personal data mined from as many as eighty seven million facebook users the man who mind that data for cambridge politica is a scientist named alexander kogan he's at the center of the facebook controversy because he developed an app that harvested data from tens of millions of unwitting facebook users the main infraction the main charge is that you sold the data so it'd be the at the time i thought we're doing everything that was correct you know i was kind of acting honestly quite naively thought we were doing if they okay facebook says that you lie to them that's frustrating to hear to be honest if i had any inkling that what we were gonna do was gonna destroy a relationship with facebook i would have never done it if i had any inkling that i was going to cause people to be upset i would have never done it this is the blindness we had back then for someone implicated in the biggest privacy scandal on earth cogan seems incongruously guy os before all this happened what was your job and what was your field of study so i was a social psychologist was working as a university lecturer at the university of cambridge in england and england and i ran this lab that studied happiness and kindness and happiness and kindness yup that's a far cry from the adjectives lobbed at him now sinister an unethical here's what he did he asks facebook users to take a survey he designed from which he built psychological profiles meant to predict their behavior he failed to disclose one that what he was really after was access to their friends tens of millions of people he could not otherwise reach easily and to that he was doing the survey for cambridge analytica a political consulting firm that use the material to influence people on how to vote the.

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