Fever, Typhoid and Brazil discussed on The Patricia Raskin Show


To give you specialized vaccines tailored to your generosity and sometimes it's yellow fever sometimes it may be something like typhoid vaccine or japanese encephalitis i affect from these vaccines so most of the vaccines we have the worst one we have is the tetanus shot in terms of pain that's that's always giving people a sore arm by the next day but in terms of severe side effects yes is the live virus vaccines are the most worrisome in terms of potential side of yellow fever is yellow fever is a live virus vaccine just like measles vaccine is as well but for people with a poor immune system we would make sure we don't give it to them and that those that's the highest risk group of course people who are older there is more risk than a younger individuals came to you yes and they were going to brazil or or in goal for example a place that does have the yellow fever and they had a very they were high risk would you tell them not to go to that country and maybe go to a different country because you may not want to give them the vaccine because of the risk some people have to reese you.

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