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Now it's a terrible week for the resistance movement is those who want to act as if they have their cloaked in law enforcement that is james komi and andrew mccabe are now the subject criminal investigations of one type or another and that bruce sore and lisa page likely will follow very soon we know that andrew mccabe lied to the fbi itself as deputy director we now know the james komi released to a columbia law professor classified materials in his own notes to be linked to the new york times part of a conspiracy to get that done so we know that those are the facts unvarnished facts and we know that rod rosenstein said this week to the lawyers for the president that the president is not the target of any investigation involving michael cohen not not the subject so what is in the media run with those facts and how come the murder of these police officers of someone who as as someone extensive criminal record sergeant noel ramirez and deputy sheriff taylor lindsay is not a bigger issue there one of three to four dozen law enforcement officials in cops who've been targeted for sansa nation by those who watch the mainstream media and the democratic party because the democratic party has aligned itself with black lives matter which is a terror group advocating the murder of police officers what do we want dead cops and one when do we want him now so how's it possible that the democratic national committee provides support to black lives matter that advocate the murder of cops and why is that not a much bigger story go chris the county the shooting on thursday was despicable i think the funerals are going to be monday or tuesday for no reason at all other than the fact they wore the uniform of law enforcement these two brave heroes were shot down in their prime by vic is cold blooded murderer in the mainstream media mentioned it and quickly dropped it because it didn't fit but when two gentlemen of color go into a starbucks and they can cock the scheme the object of which is to get arrested to become millionaires that becomes a big story and the viewpoint of the mainstream media no citizen should have the right to sue a business or sit down at infinitum and simply take up space when you're not.

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