Barack and Michelle Obama sign film, series production agreement with Netflix


And drive it's the new four k a day i'd k g o eight ten a cumulus station i think that's actually very disturbing assault on the independence of the department of justice former director of national intelligence james clapper after president trump used twitter to order the justice department to investigate whether the fbi spied on his presidential campaign for political reasons i think when the president this president or any president tries to use the department of justice is kind of a private investigatory body that's not good for the country the department is already asking its inspector general to widen existing probe to see whether there was any improper surveillance motivated by politics hundreds of people in oakland gathered for a weekend cookout dubbed barbecuing while black it is the latest response to a white woman's now infamous call the police to report african americans barbecuing at a public park the chronicle reports that the festival like event on sunday on the shores of lake merritt was organized to send a message against racism the unidentified woman caller has been parodied on saturday night live and has become a social media mean president obama and former first lady michelle obama have signed a multi year agreement with netflix for which they will produce films and tv series the obamas will do this under higher ground productions and netflix says they will have the options to produce scripted and unscripted series documentaries and feature films net flicks which has one hundred twenty five million subscribers worldwide said this will give the former first family of voice outside of traditional avenues like public speaking books and charity work that other ex presidents have relied on in a statement president obama said they hoped to cultivate and curate talented inspiring and creative voices who are able to promote greater empathy and understanding between peoples and help them share their stories with the entire world i'm john stolnis report is sponsored by innout burger no freezers know microwaves no heat lamps ever at in and out burger always fresh is the only way come taste in the in.

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