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Olympian jamie dancer says her abuser was usa gymnastics physician larry nassar she doesn't think he's the only person guilty i believe that was allowed to happen because many anthology usa gymnastics and in various gyms throughout the country kept larry nassar secret now us olympic executives try to persuade congress they can do better the latest on the next morning edition i'm jackie lepe president trump is meeting with his south korean counterpart today in the build up to a meeting with north korea's leader next month the president and moon jae in our meeting at the white house today along with vice president mike pence the kansas supreme court is reviewing whether lawmakers have approved enough funding for the state schools lawmakers are increasing education funding by more than a half billion dollars over the next five years but critics say that doesn't go far enough in meeting the state's constitutional requirements that every kansas child get a proper education the palestinian foreign minister is calling for the international criminal court to review what he calls israeli crimes against the palestinian people riyad malki says he wants the court to review israeli policies in the west bank east jerusalem and the gaza strip israel calls that request cynical and absurd you're listening now.

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