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For more than four decades, the brutal murders of two young women whose bodies were discovered strangled and brutalized in the hills near Stanford University, less than a mile apart from one, another remained a total mystery. The man who killed them John Get true managed to fly under the radar, maintaining the appearance of living a pretty normal life. Those who knew him describe a family man, a boy, Scout, leader, a loving father and grandfather. They had no idea that the man they thought they knew had been attacking sexually assaulting in murdering young women since one, thousand, nine, hundred, sixty three. The consequences and stigma of committing such a heinous crime did not follow John Getcha when he returned to the United States, he was left free to his own devices and full advantage of his anonymity. Last week we took you through. Get Yours high school years on the base. We killed Margaret Williams. Margaret's murder haunted our first degree barbara in two thousand seventeen. She was shocked to hear his name in the news yet again, because over the years Barbara never forgot about Margaret and never forgot about John Get true, and that's because a number of her friends and her and her sister, and then her sister-in-law, who is her best friend on the base? They kept in touch in this story did not ever go away. It would come up here and there, and they always wondered what happened to John Get true. We had this story in common. And so you talk about it. You know whatever he's like. That came up and lead say. I wonder where he is and I. Wonder this back then. We didn't have social media. We didn't have Internet nothing so all we did talk about it and talk about how scary was and. I don't know then after a while. You know you move on, and you let it go, but every once in a while is something happened. And so get this. My sister and I. We do like your shows. We like podcast like this. She's listening to one call case file, so she was listening to that as she fell asleep. That's what she saw. She Falls Asleep and she said she was just about asleep and she here's the name get through, and she sits up in bed and yells husband up. Wake Up. This is about John Route. Because he was over there, too. And it's about. A girl, who was killed, in Stanford, and in the last fifteen minutes he talks about gets very short I started googling and found that Palo Alto article that told a lot and I just went some I started reading tonight. Know all about funding, and you've learned about their personalities and whatnot. And as soon as she said that. I said. Didn't you always think he'd be? A serial killer will be kind of laughed it, which is not appropriate, but she goes yes. Of course could be. Of course, he could be a serial killer. And there's no doubt that John True is a serial killer, but to what degree to answer that we need to go back to the beginning. Today's case takes us back to August, twenty sixth of nineteen forty four, and this is the day the marked the birth of John Arthur get through the movie. Playing in the theaters was marriage is a private affair starring Lana Turner James Craig and as far as songs topping the charts bing. Crosby swing on a star was the song everyone was listening to. Now there's no one setting for today's case. But we'll start essentially where the villain began, and that's Newark Ohio. Which is a city? Three miles east of Columbus and Newark is the twentieth largest city in Ohio. It's not terribly big. And what is most known for our the Newark Earthworks Resnais major ancient complex built by the hopewell people. And remnants of this earthworks still exist today. During the late eighteen hundreds, and the early nineteen hundreds, the licking county fair took place inside the Great Circle Mound, which is one of the largest of the structures. And then the Ohio national, guard utilize the octagon mound as a drill field. And it's here in Newark Ohio. The John Arthur Gatera was born on August, twenty, six, nineteen, forty, four, his dad was Major Charles j jetro, his mom Irma get JETRO. He had two siblings Danny and Marquette he stayed in Newark until he was four in the get through. Family frequently returned Ohio visits between being stationed at basis around the world for most of John's Childhood and adolescence. When gone was. Was In grade school, we know that he was an Army Brat, but an ongoing female notice throughout this episode is that it's incredibly difficult to try to piece together where people were.

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