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Here's your sports interrupdate Diana to Rossi said she would like to be in sports ownership once she retired from the WNBA stating that. She's disappointed in wealthy women for lack of support in women's professional sports the NBA is reopening team practice facilities beginning on Friday for players in states and municipalities that are loosening stay at home restrictions amid the corona virus pandemic and finally with most college courses taking zoom conference calls due to the corona virus. Pandemic a student who goes by the name of faith. Learn the hard way about sending messages on zooms chat feature. She didn't know that the professor could see your private conversations who sent to the follow. Email dear faith I am reaching out to inform you that I could see everything you right in the chat discussion. My class session is not the appropriate time. The be sending messages. Like I'm a Buji. Bleak Ratchet bleep freak bleep. It's very disruptive to the class and I do not condone this kind of behavior during my lectures. I strongly advise you to keep the inappropriate comments to yourself from now on or else it will jeopardize your final grade for this course. Barbara solid is now better than ever America. Try The new ultra grip can from Barbara saw now equipped with protective cap and rustproof aluminum. Bottom you're looking good. America you're shaving with Barbara Saul for all the latest headlines Information tune into sports center on. Espn radio all throughout the day. So Scott's not very often where the expectations for something or Sky High and the work meets it but ESPN's draft coverage is about as normal thing. As I have seen on television made on television since this started I can't believe the undertaking that the draft was and how well it was televised under impossible circumstances. I'm not the guy who walks around congratulating the company patting the company on the back for doing what it's supposed to this was above and beyond and Adam Schefter. Was that the middle of the middle of everything that was happening here in terms of bringing us access what you have before I bring Schefter on God. I just wanted to point out. It's a great observation by you. Wouldn't nearly flawless. There are countless behind the seeds people. That should probably be. Thanks so thank you but also Trey Wingo in the middle of that thing with that energy in the studio by himself balancing everything. He had the balance for three consecutive. Days was my mvp of the weekend. He did a phenomenal. Wow the highest as Adam schefter. I'm sorry that you are not still got an MVP of the week. And we appreciate your participation this contest. The Adam Schefter podcasts. Something that's available to you wherever it is. You get your podcast last week. He talked to Joe Borough. So let's start here at when you look at you when you talk to executives. They say what in terms of who did the very best this weekend and who really got it wrong. Well let me say Oh. You're my teams now because I thought we were talking about just the draft itself and let me just say when you give out the MVP tree and he's very worthy but I would give an MVP announced shared amongst one hundred and fifty people who are actually at ESPN in the Control Room in. The building forced to leave their homes at a time. And everybody you weren't given one so you can't give anyone go on and on one hundred and fifty people who schefter. I don't know who you think you are. But it's award. And he already gave it to Trey Wingo and TRAE WACO wants to share it up to him. Don't get the people behind the scenes. That's all okay. That's all well and fine and you come into the award podium. And you've said the thing that will get the applause but again trey wingo was the MVP. According to God's not else now give us what you're here for winners and losers winter's ashes winners and losers of a draft weekend or some of the most ridiculous and meaningless things. You could actually do because anybody could do it. And it sounds great and I guess that's what we have to do two days after the fact but in two thousand seventeen you give the chiefs as draft winner for the bold. Move Up to take packs from homes. If I remember correctly in that draft people will lauding the forty niners from moving back any extra picks and getting Solomon Thomas and Reuben Foster in round one. How does that work out? Okay so again. We give winners and lose. It doesn't mean anything. And so then I. I'm SORTA come back but I'll come back to. Espn draft welcome back to the NFL. Which again speaking for coaches. Gm's personnel people unless they were not happy. They were not happy about having a draft this week and I wasn't talking about having a draft this week and nobody was around the League. Okay and the and it came off flawlessly so to me. That's the way it was the winter. Roger Goodell Okay Roger Goodell. Who's been the subject of an incredible amount of criticism to me? Probably enjoyed the three best days of his commissionership over thirteen years. And those were the winners. You WanNa talk team. Who knows who knows how these guys are going to develop. You'd never know. There were a lot of teams that look like. They did well or their teams. You wonder about but but so what if Jordan love turns out to be a Patrick Mahomes. Like quarter of the Green Bay. Packers are a winner if he turns out to be Paxton Lynch or Tommy Maddox. They're loser all but the thing that the thing is curious though Adam could look at what the past given that they got a guy under contract for an enormous money and basically the value of Jordan loves contract is going to expire while he's not even playing because of how dumb it is to trade up in that spot when you needed other things that were a game from the Super Bowl like and I think what they did was the most surprising thing I saw in the draft and the dumbest well a again. It was curious. That's a very good way of describing it and I think if you want to second guess that that's fair the only thing I would say like today when you got Aaron Rodgers and you've got a chance to win and you're in the NFC championship game last year. And you're that close and knocking on the door. You WanNa go get another wide receiver. You WanNa go get a skill position player. You want to get somebody that's GonNa help your hall of fame quarterback take that next step and instead they took a player now it took a player but traded up to get a player and then came out of a draft that was the deepest wide receiver class ever without any wide receivers. So yes I understand that but to my point then if Jordan love turns out to be Aaron Rodgers life and they had the position. Sit Up for forty five fifty years far too rogers to love from Iraq to Jaylo. Then they win. They would it. It's still a dumb contract to have the those two contracts next to each other. It's dumb to have them like that doesn't make I understand what you're saying. Yes if they hit it out of the park and get the greatest quarterback ever He's still won't be at value by the time the contracts up regardless check out the with you. I'm with you okay. I wouldn't do that if I had a quarterback Arron Rogers who's got two three four more years left I would. That's not what I would do but again I'm not to GM so this matter. Can you explain to me? What is the responsibility of the League and the Patriots in uncovering that the kicker being drafted has a three percent or tattoo that runs all right all right and militaristic and no one asks about it and no one knows about it and the press conference that the kid had introducing himself the Marshall Kicker? It rang untrue I honestly I'd have to figure out more details because that's not something. I was cracking going into the weekend. I wouldn't feel comfortable commenting something. I have a limited knowledge fair enough but I I would like somebody. Give me some answers on that entire career so now let me say this to you. The guy's name was cold. It was the first time I heard the guy's name okay. I I don't know that guy. I don't know anything about him. So I'm not going to render opinion about that I understand the sensitivity of it and the issue but I really don't know anything if you're allowed to sit out. I just worked like to talk to somebody who can answer that question for me. Go ahead STU Gods Adam Schefter. Pinos everything about every prospect. Get HIM ON ASKING ADAM. Schefter with us here on. Espn RADIO DJ at the Adam. Schefter podcast wherever you get your podcast. Last week. He talked first overall. Pick Joe Borough so check out the Adam Schefter podcast Adam Cam. Newton is still a free agent. Why why because first of all they release them two three weeks into free agency. There are no starting jobs available. He still has a transcendent talent. He's still used to making starting quarterback money. Nobody's GonNa give him a starting quarterback job. I don't believe I don't believe anybody's GonNa give them starting quarterback money. I don't believe and nobody knows whether or not he's healthy. He postal a workout videos. He wants and it's encouraging to see that it looks like he is healthy and he's making progress and then it'll be ready to play but before team invested whatever money it's going to player like Cam Newton. They're gonNA want their doctors to put a physical a prompt through a physical and put their hands are now maybe with some states lifting some restrictions Maybe at that point time somebody can get him in and give them a physical but again. There aren't a lot of options and I think if you're Cam Newton at this point Tom what you WANNA do. Is You want to set up a deal where you get a one year contract and where you get to hit free agency a year from now at the start of free agency when teams have quarterback needs are looking to address them right away with the job with the money with all those things so. I think that he's looking for a patrick band aid type situation to get him through to next year. Please become a free agent at that time next year and you can make an argument for eight to ten teams. But there's no one team that you say. Oh boy this. This is an obvious landing spot for candidate. It's not New England which is a million dollars under the CAP. Don't have the space for them. It's not the chargers went out and drafted Justin. Herbert Jacksonville seems married to Gardner Menchu. And some of these young players We can go through Jameis. Winston identified a spot New Orleans. You recognize a one year contract. Well this should be a smart place to go. I learned from Sean Payton drew brees. I'll fill the teddy bridgewater roll and then one year from now. Hey Free Agency and try this again and the best case scenario. Maybe I get a chance to play this year. Maybe drew.

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