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He's six six to fifty. I watched them run a four four seven forty down in Dallas at the opening. So he's still legit time. He has all the tools to be a a freak at the college level. Maybe not right away. Because he's only two fifty get tossed around a little bit believe books. Wait on. He is going to be a beef. And it's it's Michigan Ohio state and Penn State for this this kid every everyone around him. You've heard me talk about this before mom included mom, especially they want him to go to Ohio State. He was down at Ohio State last week watching that game against against Nebraska watching that defense, and you had to be looking up in Michigan. Seeing what they were doing a Penn State Michigan. Michigan state the week before where Michigan state couldn't bust a grape against Michigan. And then the week prior to that when you know, what they did against Wisconsin. This has been a dominant defense if you wanna play on a dominant defense and your Zach Harrison needs to programs you're thinking Michigan right now. But again the worse. Ohio State looks the better it is for Michigan. So from a recruiting perspective your your Michigan today you want Michigan state to win this game. Sharon and couldn't have been a better recruiting weekend for Michigan hosting Penn. State and totally dominating on both sides of the field number of up for Penn State. Tell us what's going on. Yeah. Providers grouch a five star prospect, he's six three about two hundred and forty pounds. And you're talking about a guy that play running back to play linebacker. I went down to Charlotte to watch him play. He had an eighty yard touchdown. He had a sixty yard touchdown. He had a forty yard touchdown. Then he lined up on defense picked up a couple of. The sex the guy's a free. But it's Michigan Clifton for this young, man. And he is Clemson is obviously much closer to home. I think he feels more comfortable with the coaches and players here at Michigan but lives in half proximity. They play great defense to. And this is one of those times where Dabo Sweeney is a seventy van Jellicoe. And I think that really plays to this young, man. I think that is I think that's a factor in the appeal of Clemson. So it's not like just because Michigan might be leading. I think Michigan does lead coming out of the game last week. Clemson is still to be reckoned with he taking an official visit Tennessee this week. He's gonna take an official visit to Clemson next week. And we'll start to see about the homes. The other guy really think about Kaelin coach a four star linebacker out of Savannah, Georgia. His his he's committed to Florida state, but he was up at Michigan last week was blown away. It was his family's third time up, and I really feel like Michigan is in great shape that he he has a daughter even from Georgia has a daughter running track at Ohio State. Michigan is looking at his boss. He has a six foot seven inch wing playing a prep school in South Carolina. He said I want him to go to Michigan state. So he's back. I have a daughter a daughter at Ohio State football side at Michigan essay my basketball here to Michigan state. We're great. So he said that he said it on a record. That'd be one can kiss. Did. So Michigan looking very very good, Florida state commitment. Caitlyn Dilip I can't think of any clothing that has blue red and green. I don't see how that works. But. No, it was a big recruiting weekend for Michigan in this one. And it seems like Michigan's having more battles with Clemson over the last few years than you would normally think there's a lot of evangelical 's in Ann Arbor. I mean, maybe not other if not put it this way is not something that is is a part of the recruiting process for Michigan. It is a part of the recruiting process eclipse, and I'm not saying that makes it wrong or fake reporting. It is it's just a part Dabo Sweeney recruiting pitch, and it's a part of his recruiting pitch that really appeals to this young, man. Another Michigan Ohio state battle really quickly. Another kid that was there last week a linebacker out of Ohio named Tommy Eichenberger, Tommy Aiken Berg is what was the linebacker from that place for Carolina Panthers. Went to BC. The poor man's Luke Keithly for poor man's Leuke cly, but he's committed to Boston. This kid is committed to Boston College too. But Ohio State has come in. And they've offered him Michigan. They've come in and offer them. Tommy Berg was at the game last week. I think it's gonna come down to Michigan Ohio state for these young, man. His brother plays off line at Notre Dame. But it's it doesn't look like Notre Dame's really in the picture here. This is a three dollar linebacker sideline to sideline guy. You know, a classic Mike linebacker Beck.

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