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Seventy nine yards took six forty eight off the clock and Aaron Rodgers on the drive four for six thirty seven yards and a touchdown. And their earlier field goal. Drive was fourteen plays six thirty five. So there two scoring drives. They generated twenty seven offensive snaps in over thirteen minutes of football. Which is why they've got the edge lays in the first out not a bad strategy either. If you can keep the other number twelve on the side for either team that's keeping twelve on the sideline. Everybody tonight twelve twelve on the sideline get hurt. You Crosby to kick off Cordell. Patterson gonna have a chance to return this one from the three yard line Patterson with the five left to the ten Patterson across the twenty crease at the twenty five and Cordell Patterson out here, the thirty one yard line before he tripped up. Another good return on a short returnable kick for Cordeiro Patterson. Don't miss all the NFL action Thursday night on FOX and NFL network and streaming on Amazon prime video with the Carolina Panthers. Meet the Pittsburgh Steelers. Of course, you can also here Thursday night football each week right here on Westwood want beginning at eight PM eastern on many of these same stations can Crosby not kicking the anthem. And when they signed that other punter keizer, you went through the whole pregnancy thing, I'm thinking of football reasons. Right. And he's a kickoff guy too. And I'm thinking navy. They just signed him to kick the end zone tonight. Little did I know out of the gun Kenyan Barner with the Kerry Barner over the left side is tackled. A thirty five yard line. Couple four on the play before brought down by Germain Whitehead. I find this to be a fascinating game Gavin. Emmy we had New England Kansas City couple of weeks ago. Right. Forty three forty kind of a frenetic pace, especially in the second half. And New England comes out tonight. No huddle heavy temple. Now, they've slowed it down just like a heavyweight FOX men out of the gun on second. And six foot cost is buried at the thirty nine yard line of four yard pick up to leave the patriots with a third and two quick strike because there was pressure coming quick on Tom Brady. And now they'll hustle up to the line on third down to the thirty nine radio. Go under center on third to turns gives to James white white over the left side. He's got the first down to the forty five yard line through a little hole on that left side of the tackle made by Blake Martinez. But not until white picks up six games. Why he's are big now that's the leading receiver. That's the leading rusher. That's been the offense. And a lot of game. This year for the New England Patriots, remember Sony? Michelle already hurts an out tonight. Rob gronkowski out tonight that reads one healthy running back Kenyan barter Sokoto Patterson the running back now and on first down gets the carry breaks a tackle dragging tacklers Cordeiro. Patterson the Packer forty five yard line. And a flag comes in late. The I saw the plaque Germain Whitehead literally punched in offense of player so Packers. We're gonna get an unsportsmanlike on top.

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