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Rioters as nicole smith picks up the fell i liked the way the miners were working with all of the half court offense yeah there's not a lot of quick shots trying through clive try the trying to tired the defense so that's why a lot of times they forcing those fouls because defences already and they they wanted to get the bowl quick alexander makes the first two that i just don't seem like a panic very by to this offense zinc like they know what they have a pretty good handle the shot clock and pretty cup the right now in their abilities in his court now they did if they play like they know what they're doing so you can tell that coach baker is working on it the make them comfortable yep alexander takes the pair buyers applies trouabal agenda rules boots back into the gate zoos up for the miners with her present to the core i think she's huge she she athletic 63 and she has very long arms and right now you their positions on so you can tell the echoed bakers trying together they guard said a little bit of break former with the basketball with thirteen on the shot clock up topped with a long career in and out no good the official says it's good to go on result mark o'meara per second fell and the miners will have the basketball with three thirty three left the played a fivepoint leave i think coach bakers excited to have this up greg because was her this is our second game this season and she's very crucial there was a lot of talk about that zuza possibly redshirt he or she couldn't beat be injury this a lot of uncertainty about a week ago when we were talking without her it's here food injuries so you know food is tricky in a sense that it doesn't heel as well as the rest of the body and as well as the foot unique iran if it's your hands you can play with one hand but.

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