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Convention. Now One of talking politics will get back to politics to Marley. Well, I mean, if we make it back to politics denied, but I'd love to hear from you if you are a bird watcher if you learned something last hour from Wayne Peterson of the Mass autobahn of the Massachusetts director of the Massachusetts important Bird Area program. Think about it. Less than 40. Years ago, there were no American bald eagle's here in Massachusetts. Now there are 140 nests, according tto Wayne Peterson, and he's the man who would know I didn't realize how these the baby bald eagles so called IgE. Let's We're banded and that somebody has to go up into that tree. Get the EEG. Let Out of the nest, put it in a Pillowcase carried down tree being very careful on the way. And then there's a team that bans the The legs, the baby bald eagle, so they'll be able to track that eagle and identify that eagle. I'm fascinated by that. I absolutely and hope you are as well. Join the conversation. Bob's in Annapolis, Maryland. Bob ever get calls from Annapolis. I feel like I should salute. How are you tonight? Okay, Fine. Thank you. I want to mention something with the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center down in Edgewater 11 miles from here, and we also have a job, a wetlands and one of the environmentalists who does Bird's gave a big talk on our sprays and a couple of years ago. I didn't get down there, but he invited me. But he also does bio telemetry and they were going to upgrade the frequency band or the equipment. But also there was someone of bu years ago who also gave the book for the IEEE on bio telemetry for the animals and Birds. Guy named McKay, but he passed away a while back. But did I didn't hear the first part of your order than guy? Talk about telemetry, also for the birds tracking well, when you say telemetry is that a synonym for tracking or Yeah, Yeah, attracting, you know, so we talked about that a little bit on the the reason that I learned about it. Again, if you if you join a little late, I'm I'm on a at a friend's home. Here. The Greater Boston area not in the city of Boston, but fairly close on a good sized lake and we were visiting the Saturday morning and Ah hey, was talking about his his neighborhood and how wonderful it was and beautiful And he said, Plus, we have two eagles. They said, What are you talking about? He pointed up and saw the eagle I saw the Eagle Nest. And I had never seen an eagle nest before. It is huge. It is huge, and I learned a lot about it in the last few days, and I wanted to share it with my audience. I did not realize that the eagle population in Massachusetts and I'd suspect in Maryland. Was adversely affected by DDT, which was a spray that was used pretty regularly in this country to eradicate mosquitoes. Ah, and that that Delia While it was ingested by bugs in which request the Eagles eight and all of that, that the residue of the DDT get into eagle systems and the eggs were there were being laid. Well, we're not Mr T enough for eagles to sit on them and the population went away. And what way was that? I read about that huge, you know, And what I learned was that in 1982, So we're talking about what 38 years ago, 1982. There were no eagles in the Massachusetts area. No American Bald Eagle's, But now he says that there are about 140. Nest. All the progeny of two eagles that were brought here in 1982 and Were nurtured by human beings in and I guess in trees or in a tree near what's known as the Quabbin Reservoir. Eagles apparently like to be in big trees with big nests near lakes and reservoirs, So I just learned a lot about it. Get excited about it, and that's why I wanted to talk about it tonight. We have our spray tans Eso near the Naval Academy, Spa Creek and down when the Places in the Chesapeake Bay and we say their nests on Burley's also your nap. You know Annapolis. Yeah, well, you know this this I'm told that there's a lot of hawks That actually nest in in in and the exterior of some of the buildings in downtown Boston. Believe it or not, and they're the ones to get pigeons. Yes, Yes. You know a lot about this. That's exactly right. Just you know the Falcons New 30 years ago, they were going after the pigeons. Too many pigeons. Yeah, well, I mean, we can lose, we can afford to lose a few Bishan pigeons that that's for sure. And I didn't realize for many years weaves. We spend time on Martha's Vineyard, and there's some big Osprey. Nests out on the far end of of Martha's Vineyard. But again, I didn't really understand at the time I looked and it looked as if they were they were they were, they were nests. That were either created by the Osprey or or put up there for the Osprey they would like on these big long call polls is that normal? Does that make sense to you? Yeah, well, they're sprays to hear our own big booties. A bug away. Did you know Read and maybe you're right about what I said about it. I don't know if it was us or somewhere a bold eagle. Ah, knock down the drone. No, He never did Hear that story. I read that in the past week or two. And they've been USA. I think. Yeah, well, let's say that bald eagles are anywhere from 8 to £15 and wingspans up to like six or 6.5. Ft. Pretty pretty improbable, pretty imposing bird. Bob. I appreciate what you do in Annapolis. If I could ask we associate with more November card engineer from Penn and Boston, New Masters and Mike and Union society, so involved IEEE Electromagnetic power Building and Tosi system Engineering..

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