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Can you can you help me the tuning in are gonna wonder what have you replace stephanie miller wet okay that was a little non tiyin told meets blair witch but i am so scared i already wants your sex and think they just tune into best of broadway the music channels i thought the different gays like that boy gays let the barbara they have they replaced the political channel with broadway liberals wrap writers said this yesterday richard nixon was driven from office over obstruction of justice and abuse of power donald trump at a minimum has done those things in plain sight differences the current gop is okay with that today's white house meeting with doj is a big shot over democracies bow we're heading for war well i was watching lawrence need a few good men the lawrence o'donnell last night was like no it's okay that he met with them because they're just placating him and this is going to show that there's nothing wrong david fromm just blew shutters pie hole and he said no it's very bad that that happened so then lawrence o'donnell had released sad look on his face like oh i was feeling good until you spoke donald scared now lawrence daddy for home maybe you and lawrence can cuddle i would like that with jamie on your head it could be your most you'll support human really can carry on the airplanes with you these days he's kind of big keep it will not be allergic to him and hands it's mike hypoallergenic emotional support msnbc anchor and people he's hypoallergenic so people won't punch him in the face like they do great danes apparently i don't even i blame trump for everything i mean what's that an actual headline the headline hang on a second which one which one man punishes great dane deaf woman emotional support dog abso might be just a more motion what might be her service dog gas surface talk i'm sorry her service dog.

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