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Famous Presley saying that was a number one big time yet. Yeah. Elvis that starting popular. It was done. I think at fifty nine written by fifty nine when Elvis called the guy wrote it and said, can I sing it? And he said, you're Elvis. You can see anything you want chess, you can. But that's on the soundtrack for little big lie. And it ended last night's finale and decide, you know, it seemed like when Anderson Cooper was doing his package CNN about his mom voice kind of gets unsteady. Do we have that last clip? His his colleagues were just like in tears because they couldn't believe he could do it. I. This this morning. Yeah. So Anderson Cooper, his mom Gloria Vanderbilt passed away at the age of ninety five and her late. Her last great love was the Gordon parks. You know, the civil rights photographer, he was, but it was like they were together for many, many years. They meant like in the fifties, Gordon parks. Yeah. What yes photographer she met him in nineteen fifty four? When you pictures of her for life magazine, they had a romantic bond that lasted decades, but it was, you know, of course, in the fifties, you know, they could not be seen. Right. And, and she recalled that in her memoir into tells him for because he was back. And she was white, and he died in two thousand six and then she also ten years ago, wrote road, neurotic, novel and. Anderson Cooper said this scariest words, you'll ever hear your mother says, I'm writing. And right, basically right, okay. Here's Anderson Cooper Conrad wrote that we live as.

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