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Roll world watched ever you to the i could find on ecommerce do aside up a week later tested it broke million and ninety days two million ninety days later you know selling what and the rest from solar panel batteries to then everything that you mentioned but it started specifically with a slight edge you sell the solar panel for housing that you had they had off on why didn't you try to do that that that's a bigger because that's not of an impulse by these had to be impulse buys he's had to be the right price at the right time for the right person my wasn't going to with a facebook ad toxin windowbuying hundred thousand dollars delicious basically a guys are going to happen this is usa from selling these things that people put on their roofs sell it instead it this was a test that turned into career okay so this was a test said yes to just see can i sell something online yeah it was a test to see hey is what my marketing department is what they are doing the late to do it began when i saw go ahead was a website that you sold it on lds man dot com l d usman this is the ladder the same thing it is why did you want to put that in your name i feel like a lot of latterday saints do not mormons is people do not want anyone to know who they are and we have talked about persecution online right now that i think you might be facing because that background why did you decide them and put it in my name it was all here here's the deal have also gotten a lot of hate for this even family of said why would you do that you know i'm in utah like i'm in utah i know who the audiences and why from a business perspective what i night utilize natural tendency is to build trust and a brand that's why i did it sleds younger judicially we're targetting people in utah mormons yes ma'am insult own media his words mormon not at all it's not i feel in at one point it was a little bit.

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