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Resin that just takes you a minute goal even I tunes review and tell people why you like this shell remember. It comes out every day and even if I miss a day I will update the next day with two episodes or if I missed two days three episodes etc etc.. There's a certain topic you want me to do. Go donate five dollars or more on Patriot. Dot Com slash trivia with buds buds. Enjoying the other sixty folks that really are fans of what I do. Thank you so much to all the patriotic people out there in the world from all different countries in states in the US I am very grateful for you especially this time of the year. I am excited for today's episode. which is all about Harry Potter with some some fun fresh questions? Not Too hard questions if I had to say so myself for any regular speed Harry Potter Fan and these were picked and recommended by my friend Brenda Martinez Tina's who in July on our ongoing patriotic excel sheet said. Hey can you do Harry Potter for my birthday. So Brenda Happy Birthday. Six months later here we are with your Harry Potter episode. Christmas is just around the corner and I was reading a interesting article on. US News Dot Com. It says the states with the most Christmas spirit so I thought I'd share this with you guys. It says Tennessee was among the top states. Top Ten states for the most Christmas tweets Christmas music listening and Google searches for Christmas movies. Utah's ause status. As the most charitable state in the nation helped propel it to the number two spot in get centuries links ranking the report references and Irs Report Court which revealed that Utah residents collectively donated. Four point eight percent of their adjusted income in two thousand eighteen. So that's an interesting fact. And then it says the bottom five five states Arizona. Florida California Hawaii Nevada are located in warmer climates though colder states. Such as New Jersey Michigan also made the bottom ten Washington and fell significantly in this ranking dropping from first place in two thousand eighteen to number twenty one this year so basically they look at all the different things going on in these states in terms of tweets and social media searches and things like that and they said Tennessee is number one North Carolina Utah Ohio and Alabama round out the top five states the most holiday h ear the reports based on ten measures which include Google searches for Christmas shopping trends. The number of Christmas songs streamed number of Christmas tree farms per capita and the amount of charitable donations. Tennessee is known for few Christmas traditions. That may help explain. Its top spot this year for more than three decades more than one hundred two players have performed Christmas carols at a church church in the heart of music city in December and Franklin a city just south of Nashville holds a festival. Each December where visitors can see. People dressed as characters from Charles Dickens. A Christmas Carol. The two day festival attracts approximately sixty five thousand visitors annually according to the Tennessean newsletter. So there you go. There's some fun facts for you about Tennessee. A C being the most Christmassy state my brother. Tom Lives in Chattanooga. And everybody down there is very friendly whenever you go out to stores and bars and things so I imagine edge and they have a great time with the holidays like this article mentions all right guys. It's time to jump into ten or eleven. Rather Harry Potter questions picked for Brenda Martinez. We're GONNA do those right now. Here we go all right here. We go with some Harry Potter Trivia. Let's put on those wizard caps and grab your wand and see how many you can get right out of eleven number one. What position does Harry play on his quidditch team question one what position does Harry play on his quidditch team team number one question number two what transforms any metal into gold and produces the elixir of life? Life number two. What transforms any metal into gold and produces the elixir of life? Question question number three. What is the not so scary? Name of the three headed dog in the series number three. What's the not so scary name of the three headed dog question number four who poses as mad eye Moody Harry's fourth year defense against the dark arts professor was at Barty crouch junior serious Sirius? Black Voldemort or Peter Pettigrew number four who poses as mad eye moody in the fourth book. Is it crouched junior Sirius Black Voldemort or Peter Pettigrew. Eddie grew number five on your list and order is a person that is trained to catch blank. Thank a horror is a person that is trained to catch. Who Number five question question for six? Who Kills Professor Dumbledore number six? Who Kills Professor Dumbledore number six question number seven? What does Harry used to catch his first snitch number seven? What is Harry us to catch his first SNITCH?.

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