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Thus approximately two hundred thousand soldiers loyal to Caesar descended upon Rome to honor their fallen general and to ensure that all that had been promised to them by Caesar, primarily land and money was still there's, but on March seventeenth event took place in Rome. That would set the course for all that was to come. And I should also mention here that some sources have this event taking place on March nineteenth, but it was then that Caesar's last will and testament was read. Now, remember here at this point in time, each side was trying. To win the support of the people of Rome as whichever way the people went was the way that Rome would go Caesar's will would almost settle that case in his will. Caesar donated his villa on the genetic Ulum hill. The place where Cleopatra and Syrian were now living Caesar donated that to the people of Rome. It was to be made into a public park for all the people of Rome to enjoy. He also gave each citizen of Rome a gift of cash. Each citizen was given about three hundred sustained. Now, the conversion to our modern dollar is tough to pinpoint as the Rangers that I saw for the value of the status was all over the place, but taking the mid range of these values. Caesar gave each citizen of Rome around two to three hundred dollars in today's money. That's a powerful demonstrate. Shen of his devotion, but even more powerful according to author. Barry Strauss was that Caesar in his will which had been drafted the previous September named many of those that would eventually kill him. As quote, guardians of his son should one be born to him and quoted, and he also named Decima specifically as a quote air in the second degree. Now in the people of Rome heard of Caesar's generosity, and they heard about the honors that he had given those who unbeknownst to him would one day assassinate him, public opinion started to lean toward Caesar and whoever he named his immediate air, but who would that air be? Caesar had no legitimate children in the eyes of Rome. Who could he name as his successor? Much to everyone surprise including Mark Antony. Caesar named his eighteen year old nephew. Octavian has his heir and successor. And in addition, Caesar, post humorously adopted Octavian giving him not just seventy five percent of his enormous fortune, but something even more potent, the Caesar name. But occasion wasn't in Rome. At this time, he was five hundred miles away across the Adriatic studying for his perspective, military and political career under Caesar. He wouldn't find out for a few weeks that his life had changed forever. But returning now to Cleopatra, she has remained largely in the background of this part of the story. For the primary reason again that not much about her time in Rome has survived into the present day to tell us detailed story. On the ides of March, it would most likely only taken an hour or two for her to receive the news that Caesar had been brutally assassinated as an event like that sends shockwaves through city. Her immediate reaction to the news is somewhat predictable though. As we've said, many times, Cleopatra owed Caesar, pretty much everything that she had at that point. It was Caesar quit essentially, giving her back her throne by siding, with Cleopatra during the feud between her and her younger brother Ptolemy, that thirteenth, it was Caesar at his legions that protected her and settled the city during the battle of Alexandria. And it was Caesar who had given her her air into Syrian or Ptolemy Caesar as he was also called one of the more powerful names in all of history. But it wasn't just her past that she owed to Caesar her entire future, her reign as Queen of Egypt. And even Egypt itself was reliant on Caesar's support and his protection when the news of Caesar's murder reached her ears, her entire world would have been thrown..

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