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Both President Trump and former vice President Biden will be in the Sunshine State. President's gonna hold a rally outside Raymond James Stadium around 1 30 this afternoon. The thousands of people there it will be a big, exciting, enthusiastic Turn out. Joe Biden is going to hold a socially distanced car drive in rally of a handful of people. I wonder what it feels like. For somebody like Barack Obama. Or even Joe Biden, for that matter, accustomed to speaking before big crowds wonder what it feels like. You go talk to 11 people. Bill Buckley isn't gonna have that experience. Bill Buckley is a tremendous broadcaster in Tampa Bay. Proud to be his colleague here, it Salem, Tampa. On DH. He is going to deliver a Zai understand that the opening invocation the prayer before the Trump rally, So let's welcome on our guest line, Mr Bill. Whoops. Got him on hold. So hang in there pushed the right button and we'll get him up. Uh, there's Bill Buckley on the mike Gallagher show. Bill. How the heck are you, sir? Mr Mark. It is good to see if the great day to be in Florida. Great day to be intent. A great day to be an American. Donald Trump. The phenom is coming to Raymond James Stadium in just a couple of hours. Wow. And you're going to be a big part of that. And billets knows. No no surprise to me afternoon listeners in the Tampa Bay area who listen to you on faith Talk 5, 79, 10, A.m. and also 4 to 5 PM here on the answer in Sarasota, Tampa. What? What A what a blessing And what an honor. It must feel for you. And I know you've had a tough year like everybody, like so many of us have had in 2020. It's got to be a big day for you to be standing there and and praying for the country and praying for the president at Raymond James Stadium. Well, we're actually here with Mrs Bentley Exact my family's here. Well, actually.

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