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Your long term plan for for twenty nine thousand nine and two thousand eighteen was quite the ride. It was a fun ride for those that were skiing downhill in the crypto, which just held the whole time twenty nine thousand nine we don't know what to expect as you said earlier the market sort of does what it wants. But you know, how are you going to play this out in two thousand nine hundred all it might I'm pretty happy to do as they lost you on the direction of an investment portfolio took an absolute baiting. I did manage to close quote a few. Quite a bit of providence fifteen thousand last year. It was pretty obvious to me that, you know, these moves don't continue forever. So assure you might get well you didn't get out at twenty. It's like ought to care. I bought at three and I go fifteen we're the best, you know, three week investments of my life. And then I bought back in nine. So yes, I have taken a bit of the baiting with everybody else. But Longtown looking at these five years, plus for so familiar, this is a it's a speculative investment into a new emerging technology on aware of that on on comfortable with that I can trade the direction so whether the market goes up or down just need trends and contrite, and the focus has been big time towards it back in two thousand nineteen just to try and get involved with more businesses in this space, build as many businesses have apart in as many businesses. We came to use our expertise to help them grow because I don't see blockchain technology going anywhere. And I think having a little bit of a speculative land across different businesses within the system is probably a pretty. Plays. Well, so we're just trying to. Essentially, get a footing across many different opportunities. Whether it be business trading or investing. That's great crag. And yet definitely diversify into other businesses. There's so many more businesses that are coming up and being excel A-Rated into the growth stages that are implementing blockchain technology and even outside of the financial industry, for example, event chain in ticketing and gaming gambling. All these great things. So there's so much to learn that it's hard to keep up five exotic splash. That's for sure we're still very early though, right for all these traditional investors that haven't jumped in yet or crypto people as well that are looking to find out more about the markets. What's the best way for them to get in contact with you guys and get involved? You look the best way to do. It is really mean we we've got a couple of free courses available as well. Which is literally to talk to traditional marketplace to introduce them to what block Chinese and really breakdown in a simplified fullness to actually what the opportunity is. So just jump across the try to cub dot com, and there's a little contact us page there if you'd like to contact us, we'll drop through that link and you can jump in and have a look at it. But across Feis Boca, obviously Twitter as well. Youtube all all the try to come channels, and you can jump on the tried to cope crypto podcast to get involved in avid eilly. Listen awesome. Hey, Craig goes, great speaking to you. That's all the time. We have for this time. But I'm looking forward to following up with you soon in two thousand nineteen and let's hope that you and your members are prospering. And I look forward to it. So thank you so much. Thank you so much you on the show Monteverdi. Appreciate you, Tom and to the audience. Thank you. The trade Cup. Crypto podcast is hosted by Craig called ultra courses products and tools can be found at Tradenkov dot com. Because experience met is..

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