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Acting attorney. General Matthew Whitaker says he has been fully briefed on the investigation. But wouldn't give any details about it. Muller's team is charged several top Trump allies most recently longtime Trump associate Roger stone. The president meantime, exempting house speaker Nancy Pelosi's invitation to deliver the state of the union, February fifth, Trump broach Pelosi and a letter it would be great honor to accept the invitation Pelosi previously rescinded the first state of the union invitation to Trump citing the partial government shutdown a woman has been rescued after being trapped in an elevator of Manhattan townhouse for three days. This happened at a building on east sixty fifth street and Madison Avenue, firefighters rescued the woman, and she is expected to be okay. The city building inspector wants to know why the lift failed and why there was no notification system. A plea deal is said to be in the works for the man accused of killing a boy scout and injuring four others in Mandeville in September. Thomas Murphy appeared in court today. Today is accused of driving drunk and flowing into the group of boy scouts walking along a road back on September thirtieth. Murphy has now been ordered to return to court March twenty fifth a man has been charged with assault and criminal mischief in the attack of a lift driver and midtown January eighteenth police say twenty five year old Emilio Carpentier of Queen surrendered to authorities this morning now say carbonate who was on a bicycle uses bike lock to smash the front and rear windows at the lift vehicle. And then struck the driver in the head after he stepped out of the car near east fortieth street and Fifth Avenue. He managed to get away, but not before screaming and stomping on the roof that was caught on a viral video mayor de Blasios says he's not sweating a recent poll that puts him dead last among New York politicians in a hypothetical run for president university's findings put the blouse yo well behind governor Cuomo and trailing Senator Kirsten gillibrand, even freshman congresswoman Alexandria, Cossio Cortez. Who still too young to run for president? But the mayor says no problem for him alluding to his come from behind win the first time, he was elected mayor. It's not where you start. It's where you finish a familiar name topped the polls list. Former mayor Mike Bloomberg who happened to announce Monday that if he did enter the race it won't be as an independent James flippin for seven ten W O R Westchester county man is seriously injured after an e cigarette exploded in his pants pocket. Twenty-seven-year-old Jacob Donna had arrived at his plumbing jump in Larchmont this morning when he felt the device sparking and saw flames burning through his pants co workers helped him to remove them. He is now being treated for severe burns at Westchester medical center. And a man and his landlord had been charged in the death of forty year old Staten Island. Michael Stewart who has been missing for over a month. Stewart's family was in court when Thirty-three-year-old Angelo Messini and William por- mica Stewart's landlord pled not guilty to the charges. Stuart it was last seen December thirtieth and port Richmond. Investigators have still not found a body after being searching for him for several weeks in Pennsylvania..

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