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And abused by the husband of senate president stan rosenberg and independence special investigator is looking into the allegations state senator bruce tar says a thorough investigation is needed here i hope it can be done very very quickly but again i think this investigation needs to have the time that it takes to do it right and to make sure that we have all the relevant facts it's difficult to predict that and i don't know that i could make a responsible prediction i would only say that i hope it it happens as quickly as possible and it is done as efficiently as possible and it seems to me that could be a matter weeks it could be a matter of a few months and bruce tar says he is teaming with democratic majority leader harry yet chandler to develop for the process for the investigation many house democrats in washington calling on michigan congressman john conyers to resign amid allegations of sexual misconduct at california's jackie spear to that list we cannot stand by as members of congress and say we have zero tolerance and let then let someone continue to conduct himself in the manner that he has for many years uh with many of his staff so i i i believe it's it's time to have him either resign or retire but he no longer should serve in the congress that the united state house minority leader nancy pelosi characterizes the multiple lucky greece accusations against conyers is serious disappointing and very credible and the eu european union telling staff and lawmakers to stop using power and position to get sex larry miller in london the european parliament has issued new guidelines after more than a dozen feed male staffers reported inappropriate sexual behavior and harassment officials had been accused of turning a blind eye to it for years eu lawmaker margo parker the idea that any peace allstar off using that positions of power to perpetrate abuse is shameful and unacceptable the written guidelines urged lawmakers not to pinch kiss or rubs staff engaging exhibitionism voyeurism or worch porn larry miller cbs news london wbz.

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