Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Chris discussed on The Sean Hannity Show


I 25 till the top of the art scott near you know i just wanna remind everybody of this as we now talk about these very serious important issues when these charges come up now on almost a daily basis you cannot forget here as we examine these systemic dope horrible defence that has gone on thirty years of age vahi most troubling predatory conduct of bill clinton and sexual abuse allegations it is now thirty years and up to and including last year the destroy trump media now that it doesn't matter because hilary lost now they all now they're begin a few of them that have a conscience and a soul that knew that they were lying in oil yet now we can look at bill clinton's record now it now it's open now is i believe one nida i i don't know whether to say better late than never or is it just politically expedient because now that sorta gives you you know and how we can just go after every republican in it's okay now because well we really mean it in know you have people in the media that did everything they they colluded with hillary clinton's campaign never ask those questions nobody overt msnbc and i give chris as a lot of credit i don't know on buddy you know he actually said you know the real day of reckoning is now coming with them will why was in that last year during an he aidid campaign because they wanted hillary to win more is the answer and that's the sad part not him in particularly but people so okay so someone now coming to terms with what they said and how they covered at all up in what they did and how they use every effort to protect bill clinton and how it was a systemic smearcampaign campaign against that said anything against him and discredit all of his accusers what they said and did as beyond despicable by the way jennifer flowers was the first and then in the monica lewinsky out bill clinton admitted he did have an affair with jennifer flowers and a lower is what did they say at the time oh she's a liar all those tapes were dr on and on and.

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