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You if you are concerned about the reaction from the Ohio State fan base to use specifically to your social media accounts, etc. I'm not worried at all. I don't. I mean, Richard anytime. You know, I can. I can tweet a bowl matchup and somebody's gonna fire back at me about something. So I. I don't read comments that much anymore. You know, I when I worked at the Tampa Tribune it, I would anytime somebody would Email me, I would always make a point that Email them back. I try to. I try to continue doing that. You know, people take the time to send you an Email on you an idiot, and that's when you, whatever. If they take the time to send an Email, I'll send him off, sent him a response. Obviously, on Twitter on Facebook, it just it. It flashed flows through so fast, especially on a story like this. I, I can't remember who mentioned it, but they said, do your your Twitter mentions? It looks like it's looks like coins falling out of a slot machine right now. So I can't really. I can't really look at them all if there's a lot of negative out there. Positive. I can't see it. All I know is the people that I respect the most and his opinions. I you the most of or or other people. In the media that I've known for twenty or thirty years, and then friends and family. And all I know is is the response that I've, I've heard from them and it's all been very positive. And basically I've been overwhelmed. I can't say that enough overwhelmed by other journalists reaching out and saying what a great job. This is, you know, journalism is still alive, tremendous reporting, and I think of all the all the different things that have been from other reporters media. I literally have only seen one negative reaction to me and I don't want to give the person. I don't wanna mention his name 'cause I don't wanna draw attention to him quite frankly, but he questioned on basically, he insinuated I wrote this article because I had been dead against Meyer. 'cause well, I never covered urban Meyer at Florida cover the university, south Florida. So other than that, it's been, you know, ninety nine percent positive from the people that I've are you there. Opinions are. I want to end with this. And had you been on the podcast, just sort of the story has come out? I would have probably done forty minutes with you on this. In April of twenty seventeen..

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