Jean-Pierre Bemba, Democratic Republic Of Congo, BBC discussed on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory


BBC news with. David Austen the former vice president of the Democratic Republic of Congo Jean-Pierre Bemba is due to return to the capital Kinshasa shortly after more than ten years in exile and prison. Mr. Bemba was recently cleared by the international, criminal court charges of war crimes and crimes against humanity as counting. Continues. After Monday's elections in Zimbabwe the electoral commission says that the governing Zanu PF is. One immaturity in parliament it's taken one hundred ten seats so far, while the. Opposition movement for democratic change alliance has secured forty one seats he NBC has said it. Believes the vote is being rigged Australian researchers say that for the. First time a host city is being protected from the mosquito borne viral disease Dangi this study invoked. Captive bred mosquitoes carrying a. Naturally occurring bacteria being released into Townsville by mating With the local mosquitoes they spread the bacteria A, US defense department officials says initial DNA tests show the contents of more than fifty boxes, handed over to the US from North Korea likely to be, American remains from the, Korean war in June the North. Korean leader Kim Jong UN promised to return the remains of US soldiers during talks with. President Trump, the head of the Mexican airline AeroMexico says no one died in an accident involving one of its planes because of. The timely actions of the crew and passengers eighty five people were injured when the aircraft crashed, shortly after taking off from, Durango in Denmark ban on wearing Muslim, face veils in public comes into. Force today protesters planned involving Muslim non Muslim Danish women wearing the niqab and police in Sweden have launched. A manhunt after some of the country's crown Jews was stolen in broad, daylight from a cathedral near the. Capital Stockholm BBC news.

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