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The rules of Lebanon Beirut rules, the title from is that there were no rules. Liberal was the most barbaric and cruel and win against the green was the one who wants March of eighty four Bill Buckley was was abducted as he went to work, and he was interrogated by Hezbollah Iranians. And God knows who else we uncovered documents FBI believes that he was he was flown to Tehran and and interrogated by Iranian specialists. And ultimately the beatings torture. The absolute lack of food water, and and the elements took its toll and Bill. Buckley died in captivity. Name of the book is may rules, the murder of a CIA station chief and Hezbollah's war against America. This is Samuel cast one of the co authors of the book this just as you described as I know it's not the same. And I know that there are significant differences. But I'm also seeing similarities between what happened in Beirut in your book, and what happened in Benghazi or am I way off. No, you're absolutely correct. Because one of the lessons learned from William Buckley's abduction was that C A assets, primarily CIA station. She's the men and women who who knew all the names the movie addresses out to be protected so in Benghazi when there was the attack on the on the temporary consulate residents were invested or Stevens was was staying in the city. I'm there is also a CIA annex that was involved. In trying covertly to bring arms to Syrian rebels fighting in the civil war and. Elements of that CIA annex the security element came to the rescue of of the temporary mission. However, their main mission, ultimately specifically therefore was to do everything and anything in their power to protect that station chief because the had he fallen in the hands of the Allen saw rebels who terrorists who attacked our interests in Benghazi the ramifications would have been far more reaching than than the destruction of life and property and lesson that was learned from the Buckley incident was that people at the top. And I'm not talking about the president secretary of state or people like that the people in operations at an intelligence agency were military command sometimes must make split-second decisions that in hindsight aren't correct. Sometimes they even go on deployments. But in hindsight are fraught with danger. And might not be the smartest thing and these decisions. Ultimately, we have to remember we forget sometimes are made by men and women people who are human and people who are fallible and people who have oh, they have the best interests at heart sometimes or caught up.

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