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I don't think there's really any question. How effective do you think. There's any way no doubt concern about patrick. No tentativeness made. He's going to be afraid. A little shagari in the pot. Ero what if someone tries select suplex him or you know i mean during the game is something different but you know going into the game. No hesitation okay. I think he'll be two. I'm not sure he's going to be like three hundred fifty yards and four touchdowns. Good this bill. Secondary's playing well. We'll talk about that a little bit later on another point. I want to talk about the lions. They got dan campbell as their head coach. I don't know where dan campbell ranked on everybody's list of head coaching candidates when the head coaching out. Especially when gas like eric piano toward the top of the list what do what do you make of this stan campbell. Being the new head coach of the detroit lions. Because i'm i'm kind of scratching my head over it. So he's now number one in terms of coaches. I'd be afraid to fight right so he ranks at the top of that list If you could imagine he going on we sit there and watch games on sunday He always say. Would you want to fight that guy. Would you wanna fight that coach after a game and the answer is usually know all of them but the top of the list that we we had. If i remember correctly my variable and brian floors with through the guys at the top of guys. he's not number campbell's. The what i think this means for the lions hires coordinator. When it comes to fantasy we see they keep matthew stafford that keep kenny golladay. There's a lot a- seemed like a cult. There's a lot of question marks team. You know i mean campbell was He did a nice job when he took over as coach for the dolphins. He's got that he's got. He knows how to motivate players. That was certainly a big theme coming out of those dolphins teams but you know in terms of being a head. Coach is a little surprised that he got a job over band. I mean You know gotta double frazier you know some of the guys that are out there That you're still hearing Brian cabell For example you know some of those guys that you thought. Yeah he really should have been considered more in terms of what campbell is going to bring to the lions. We'll see when you hire this offense coordinator what they do with their personal. He's a former tight end..

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