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Here and advances on W GM Now seems things seem to be much more in order at this moment than when I drove in this morning. When I drove in this morning, there are two things that were very unusual that I noticed on the way to work. And they all seem to be sort of cleared up and cleared out. And everything seems to be okay. They were the man was dangling from the Trump tower. A 14 story there. Ah, he hung on for or was it the lower floor? I don't know. It seems so higher, but he was there for like 13 hours overnight. Saying that he wanted to talk to the president. He was attached to a rope and he had a knife and he's going to cut that rope if they didn't get the president on the phone for him. What police cleared that scene up, and I think everything ended pretty well there. That's that's the good news there. The other thing I noticed on the way in here, Wass The Batman scene. They're cool. They were filming over here Grand Park this weekend, which is kind of it's kind of wild to see filming return in that scale. Does Chicago area again It's kind of cool. I saw the trailers and that kind of thing. There is garbage. They're picking it all up. And grand Park looked pretty good on my way in. I think there was some traffic issues weren't there, Mary with all that whole thing, Just put it over the weekend, the weekend more closures around Grant Park driven like 8, 15 or so and it was they were picking it up. It seemed, you know, smooth over there. Did you see the food trucks that they have the food out? I saw some trucks. I couldn't tell their food. I saw the restroom trucks. They were still there because those should be the last to leave. Yeah, I agree with that. Basically, it was a good call. So that was happening and all that. So you know, it's kind of all resolved. It's kind of some normalcy with the filming. It's just fun, You know? Yes. Isn't it? One house? All those people that are employed through that? You know, the makeup people, the costume people just all the you know the actors. It's just great. That is great. I didn't see anybody I thinkit's with. Who's in it know that big ones weren't there? I forgot. I was in it. They weren't rather Pattinson and Zoe Kravitz. Um I didn't. There's mothers too, but I mean, they were. I don't think they were here for the scenery here is reporting this morning that they weren't out there. Yes. Her dean, so that that's that's the situation there yet. Robert Pattinson, Zoe Kravitz, among other big names, but very cool to see all that happening. It's like we're Gotham City once again here in Chicago. Happy about that. Okay? Something so that all that all ended Well, happy about that. But I want to say something. I'll say I did this weekend at our house that I told you I was going to do and we did it and we're gonna try to post this on the text line. Is it up yet? Peter, we'll do. We'll do it right. We're about to do it, so check it out. And posters to 312981 1700 we made we made one of those tubes that you shoot the trick or treating, you know candy through. No way We did it. Oh, my gosh. You should see this. I got to say I'm so proud of my eight year old Gabby. I mean, I went to Menard's Saturday morning. First thing One of our listeners told us they still have these PVC pipes and I went there and they actually were out of the 6 ft pipe. But they had a five footer and then I bought like a little extension, like an elbow. You know, kind of manner. Yeah, I'm sure the little things in my life, but I bought them so little duck down into the bag like an arm. Exactly. So it doesn't just shoot into their face to decorate it. Oh, my gosh. Did we decorate? Ah, home, Mary, I I wish there were contest. I swear. This was like We had so much fun doing this, like a surprising amount of fungus. I went to join fabrics. I picked up some of the fun stuff and I picked up some stickers and we put stickers on it. We rolled it in or letters shiny notes like orange shiny, glittery fabric. We ram us, okay? Yeah, it was a mess way had the little Dustbuster thing I was like That you chickened out. It was cool that I honestly was so fun. You know what we're doing is making lemonade this whole year, right? And this was like a lemonade making moment. Very proud. And it's so topic doesn't like fall apart genuine possibility. Absolute possibility. That's a total possible and we're sort of you're practicing with it. Now. Some Candies they're not going to because I think it's only a four inch pipe because I'm telling you the 6 ft five inch pipe that was gone at Bernard's, but they still they have They have a lot. You know Popcorn balls. They won't quite not right. You can't do that. Apples. You know, people like to eat that fruit. I'm not one of those houses. No, but those you know these nutrition, Sam, people don't want fruit on Halloween. You don't They really don't. You know the parents like it, But then, you know, but there's really I like the Butterfingers. That's what I eat. When my kid brings it home. I expect Geiger grabbed those baby roast Butterfingers. Yep. Once years once a year, I mean Too much to ask. The Tribune has a how to Article two. If you want to check that out, because they go through the different ways you can make these And there's a guy who posted some on Facebook I saw over the weekend he made his zip line like a zipline to zip line. The candy did two kids and I thought, Wow, that is one really out Array. GIs Lee Great dad. It's really cute. He had like a ghost, and the ghost kind of care is the candy across the zip line to the kids. Very elaborate. Very cool, And that's his socially distanced answer to Halloween. But check out mine and posters. 312981 72 100 was very fun. Other thing we did this weekend we continue our countdown to Halloween were watching Halloween movies. And we've seen so many of them. So maybe Ghostbusters. We've done what has a corpse bride. We've watched the Adams family. We've seen goose bumps think there are three of them. And then last night, we watched one that I thought was going to be absolutely horrible. It's a new one out on Netflix. It's called, Have you heard of this? Love and monsters heard that one knows a kid thing. Well, I You know, it's not because it's it's Ah, Here's the deal it so it's like giant insects and critters. They become like supersized and they take over Earth. They wipe out 95% of humanity and then everybody. The survivors. Go underground and live in colonies. It sounded horrible. Sounds like, why don't we want this is horrible. I don't want to see the stupid movie, but I sat on the couch and oh, my God. It was so engaging. I really thought it was so fun because there's like a love story. There's a real story and it's like you just get I was drawn into this. It was so fun. I mean, there's those crazy scenes with the big What is it? Oh, it's a millipede! Oh, my gosh! What now? It was that part of it. But there was, you know, was the true story behind the whole thing, And it was really getting and then I looked this morning 91% audience score. Unripe tomatoes. 91% 0, so people are liking it, Mary. I know I would not have said on. I watched that movie here and it says no Netflix, So I know Netflix Yeah, led by a charming star turn from Dylan O'Brien, who had never heard of before. 11 monsters peers into.

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