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If you want to go on I tim's and you WanNa, give us a rating that would be awesome. You want to give us a review that would be awesome. We're not GONNA beg for it because I don't wake up in the morning your validation that this is an awesome podcast. I never think about that me neither like it never is like doing this I enjoy watching wrestling with you like this. Now I use to check our downloads hourly. and. Now, we you know we're not setting the world on fire and it it's like, okay. We had fun. But so I don't think we need to record. US watching yeah match yeah. Because it's important that you hear. All right. Okay. What's going on? Okay. But then we can come back and maybe just get you to get some analysis here. Because you know. Why wouldn't we do that and then we'll do the next next time we get together. We'll do ten more movies. Yeah. That'll give us. We can think more about the movie because I think it. This today's. Because, if you don't know if this is your first time listening to an episode where you being all our lives we've been around we're one of the longest running wrestling podcast. We're the longest running wrestling podcast. Say South Carolina. I say, all of South Carolina Rob. Yes. Are there any other wrestling podcasts in South Carolina? There's a couple right? I don't know. The head shots and SUPLEX A microphone complex microphones in Georgia? Oh, I thought they were in South Carolina there in Georgia red beard but I mean. But Red Beard doesn't do I mean didn't podcast lock. He's he does video. I always thought that the. The suplex a microphone was a South Carolina there in They're in Augusta. So they go to south gate they go to shows Columbia. Good be. I know there's some podcast in. North Carolina, a lot of them remote are are more. Interview based. But are I tell you I've seen a lot of podcasts come and go. Since we started and they'll start up passionate for a little while and then they quit doing. And what we and we've just adapted and changed I mean we can't. We used to do every other. Thursday. We can't always do that. Now I mean we try to. People don't care about hearing about the history of how we hang out with each other. But when we when we started, there were not a plethora of shows. That reviewed raw and smackdown. There were few and we knew we didn't want to do that. and then we started talking. Telling stories about wrestling and then you had. Jim Rawls Tony Shivani Eric Bischoff Ruth Mitchell Richard Richard Man who else a everybody. Experts got one Steve Arn Anderson Anderson. Like. What can we say right about that stuff when when you know The people that are that were actually they are talking about it. So you got to evolve a little bit and what what I figured and learned was. Are Interacting with each other's. That's where the money is i. mean we got good chemistry. So we can talk about anything for our. We can. We really came if you don't believe. We can Improv it. Somebody gives us a subject. We'll talk about it for an hour next actor. Yeah. So Cindy tweet tennis a message. You can go to our facebook page the double drop kick show. We will do it whatever talk as long as it's not..

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