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It's almost a new category but it's like on par if not better than eggs in many ways. It's full flavor really good. Yeah i been amazed how much better these have gotten like the Impossible burger is. It's not exactly a burger but it tastes. Tastes gives me the satisfaction of eating burger. And i feel lighter on my feet. So i think it's amazing. Yeah one hundred percent better than tofu like smashed up tofu piano good. Oh that's interesting. You're making the eggs who've bites just ag which is j. You dot s. t. I you know we gotta get on the program. I love those su vida by those of the same type of thing. They have that Starbucks have you had them but starbucks makes those and it's a great thing to have without having carbs. You don't have to have an english muffin with or whatever and they make those with the substitute. Yeah it's fantastic. I think that's going to be doing the storytelling around the brand and advising on that. It's better than just to go drive by tweet. It's actually like that's going to be amazing. So you're gonna make like short movies or films or podcast. How do you think you're going to manifest that. Yeah so it will be a series of both short more edited and sort of a class kind of content and then also short-form and what. I call moving podcast so in fact. Let me invite you jason. Yeah come on. Come on the land and i interview you but i'm gonna put your ass to work l. God i gotta. I gotta tell the soil. Yeah exactly so we'll get some work done and we'll talk shop at the same time so it'll be it'll be a podcast but will also get some land you'll be in fantastic listen Continued success and look forward to co investing with you and Yeah i think for all the fans out. There definitely do a series for an entourage reunion. Absolutely see we'll see god. Hbo's got be crazy not to do that. You did a movie. That was great. Movie came out great right. Yeah no brainer. People wanna know what happened to these characters. If i was a betty man. I think i'm going to get a call at some point about it i think. So because all these streamers are looking for your content and now they have hbo match right and they seem they're doing sex in the city again without one of the characters. Oh yeah expendable not. You know that would be getting ready to carry. No i mean you got and you guys were all like into it. So i can't imagine that you wouldn't get the whole crew back together. I mean who's not gonna come back from the kevin connolly. I mean he told you would you. Would you do a cameo You know i would totally. do you. Had mark cuban on for sure. Yeah mark cuban on doing who's he was investing in your kill a company where he was investing alongside turtle. I can't remember the exact Bo j. I used to love that show. We would watch it every week back in the day. So she says so. We'll see in austin and visit. We you know we have a tent for you l. yes perfect and no full disclosure. I'm a i'm a modest lp and the fund. So i have a. I have a vested interest in seeing you succeed in absolutely thrilled. That you invited me to join. Yeah thanks for joining. We'll see next time on this week in startups bye bye..

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